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Media Relations

Media Relations Handbook
UB Athletic Communications Staff

The University at Buffalo’s intercollegiate teams generate a high level of public interest and media attention. The Division of Athletics is aware that its image affects the reputation of the entire university and urges you to exercise care when making statements to the media.

You have a responsibility to the university, your coaches and teammates to cooperate with the media whenever possible. The University at Buffalo fans, your hometown fans, as well as fans from across the country, are interested in our athletic program. To aid the Athletic Communications Office with requests for information from the media, you are asked at the beginning of the year to complete a profile questionnaire.

In general, when speaking to the media, be confident, courteous and prompt. Perhaps the main thing to remember when dealing with the media is to present an image that is consistent with the ideals and high standards of the University at Buffalo.

Interviews can be a very valuable part of a student-athlete’s life at the University at Buffalo, as they serve as a great learning and growing experience for you. As a freshman, you may be nervous about speaking to the media representatives; however, by the time you graduate, you will have become relaxed, confident and articulate. This growth and personal confidence can be carried with you into the business world.

View the media as friends, not adversaries. However, do organize your thoughts before a scheduled interview. Often a comment that seems innocent verbally looks different when it appears in print.

You should never agree to a telephone interview unless the arrangements are coordinated through the Athletic Communications Office. This rule was established in an effort to avoid having someone contact you who may attempt to gain information for gambling purposes. If you receive an interview request, ask that the media representative make arrangements through the Office of Athletic Communications (645-6311).

You should never receive calls or visits from the media that have not been arranged by the Athletic Communications Office. If someone shows up at your door in the dorm, as politely as possible, explain you are not permitted to do an interview under such circumstances and refer the person to the Athletic Communications Office.

On rare occasions, the general tone of the interview is such that you may not be comfortable continuing the interview. Should this occur, please notify the Athletic Communications Office.

The longer you are on a team, the more likely it becomes that you will develop a personal relationship with some of the media representatives regularly covering your team. While we encourage these relationships, remember that, regardless of what is said, a reporter’s first obligation is to report the news. Don’t say it if you don’t want it in print!

Helpful Interviewing Tips
The following tips have been adapted from a presentation by Sue Castorino and Randy Minkoff, the “Speaking Specialists,” given to UB student-athletes during the 2002-03 school year.

If you have any concerns or anxieties about doing interviews, please talk to a member of the Athletic Communications Office. They will be happy to help you get more comfortable with the experience.

Sports Medicine/Athletic-Training Services
Our primary medical care facility is the University at Buffalo Sports Medicine Institute, located in Farber Hall on the South Campus. Team physicians are employed through the Sports Medicine Institute and are responsible for the primary care of and specialist referral for injuries, treatment of medical conditions, and performing the physical examinations of all intercollegiate athletes. All freshmen and transfer student-athletes must undergo a one-time comprehensive physical examination. Returning student-athletes who have sustained a reportable injury that eliminated them from participation during the previous year must have that injury reevaluated in conjunction with the update form. The university Health Service may also be utilized for the evaluation and treatment of illnesses and laboratory screening. Ambulance crews are available, either on site or on call, for all home football, basketball, wrestling, soccer, volleyball and selected special intercollegiate events, to provide life support and emergency transportation.

The Division of Athletics insurance policy provides excess coverage for athletes who sustain an injury while participating in organized practice or competition. The policy pays benefits only after taking into consideration amounts payable under the athlete’s primary insurance coverage. The student-athlete’s primary insurance must equal or exceed the athletic insurance deductible of $500 for all sports. In the event of an injury, the student-athlete and/or his or her parents must file a claim with their insurance company before the Division of Athletics’ policy can be utilized. The athlete’s primary insurance coverage must pay the initial $500 in charges before the Division’s policy can take effect.

Exposure Control Plan


This policy should be considered flexible and subject to updates as new and additional knowledge is acquired.

The policy can be found at:

Training Room Facilities
The training room is used for the treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries sustained during intercollegiate practices and games and is staffed by Certified Athletic Trainers with the support of student trainers. All injuries must be reported to the Athletic Trainers for treatment and referral. Treatment and rehabilitation programs are performed under the supervision of the Certified Athletic Trainers and the direction of the Team Physician.

IT Services
The Office of Technology Services is the centralized support organization for the Division of Athletics for information technology. They are responsible for maintaining the computing environment within the Division and supporting all academic and administrative departments in the effective and efficient use of these technologies, and promoting an understanding of evolving technologies.

The Student Athlete computing lab is operated and maintained by the Office of Technology Services, and is available exclusively for student-athletes with a valid UBIT account. This lab is designed to help meet the demand for general purpose computing support on campus. It provides network access to UBFS, E-mail, the World-Wide-Web, and provides access to general software applications and laser printing resources.

If at any time you share your UBIT username and password with anyone in order for that person to gain access to the SA lab, you will lose your SA lab privileges for the remainder of the academic year. Sharing usernames and passwords is a violation of UBIT policy, and could result in suspension of your account. For the complete UBIT policy, visit the following link:

If you have trouble logging on to a computer, please fill out the form available in the computer lab, and bring the form to your academic advisor. Your advisor will then verify with IT Services that you are a student-athlete.

The student computer lab is located in 170 Alumni Arena, and is available for use Monday through Friday from 8 AM-5 PM.

Student-Athlete Housing
The Division of Athletics only arranges housing for new students. New incoming freshmen and transfers will be placed in dorms (or apartments if qualified) on campus, per the request of the Head Coach and the student.

Continuing student-athletes must meet all deadlines and requirements from the UB Residents Halls and Apartments. No exceptions. The Division of Athletics will not be able to assist any student-athlete who misses the housing deadlines of fails to apply through the normal process.

If a student-athlete qualifies for a deferment for the dorm deposit, the Head Coach will be notified and the student-athlete will pick up a deferment card in the Office of Compliance in room 166 Alumni Arena. Deferments are for DORM deposits only. All student-athletes must pay the on-campus apartment application fee and deposit. These fees cannot be waived by UB Housing.

Student-athletes should contact Kelly Cruttenden, Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance at OR 645-7978, with questions or concerns regarding on-campus housing.


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